Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

The dual lens of the iPhone 8 Plus this time the camera maintains the specifications of 12 million pixels but uses a new sensor, the official description has lower noise and color performance more realistic, dual portrait mode iPhone 8 Plus lens also adds new portrait light and shadow Shooting mode (Potrait lighting mode), camera shooting will also be the highlight of A Hui's next two days to test . Only iPhone 8 Plus and later will have portrait lighting mode. It seems that the difference between the iPhone 8 Plus and the previous one is really not that big, but there are still many hidden improvements, such as the receiver and the speaker below can play together until the double expansion The sound speaker effect now increases the volume playback effect by 25%. This time also introduced the TrueTone Display technology that the iPad Pro started to use, which can make the screen color close to the color temperature of the surrounding light source, thereby reducing the discomfort of reading. iPhone 8 Plus also supports QI wireless charging technology in the market!

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